Adult education is mediated by personal relationships. It is the practice through which adults engage in systematic and sustained self-educating activities in order to gain new forms of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or values.

 Overall learning objectives

Migrant Community Mediators education resources for adult education providers will encourage teachers and community educators to use a systematic approach (innovative training course) and integrate migrant community mediation education into their organization’s activities and the training currently offered to migrant groups.

By downloading and using the MCM resources adult education organizations will provide benefit for hundreds of migrant learners who will be trained and empowered to become Migrant Community Mediators.

The OBJECTIVES of the MCM Open Education Resources are to:
  • create a transformative, sustainable approach to delivering migrant community mediation education
  • provide adult educators with new knowledge, skills and a new training programme which they can deliver to the migrant groups they work
  • provide a comprehensive and relevant curriculum and supporting learning activities that will both motivate and equip trainers to deliver elements of the Migrant Community Mediators Open Education Resources course to small groups of target group members.
  • MCM will also educate our participants to identify and tackle migrant barriers to access and participation in education.

These resources will be accompanied by the educators training guide, which will describe the transfer of the developed course to other subjects, educational sectors or other organisations as well as possible obstacles and problems in the transfer process. It will provide well-developed and tested methodologies and tools for the transfer of the developed OERs and the versatile use of the project results in other environments.

The MCM Open Education Resources Learning Path